Twenty-One Reasons You Made Me Deactivate My Facebook Account

Originally posted on TIPSY LIT:

Twentyy-One Reasons You Made Me Deactivate My Facebook Acount

Photo credit: Yutthana Teerakarunkar

  1. Listen, I don’t want to make fake food with you on the Internet.  I hardly want to make real food in real life.  I really just want someone to make the food and then feed me while brushing my hair and telling me I have the skin tone to pull off vermillion.  But who doesn’t want to live the American Dream?
  2. Pictures of yourself in different outfits doesn’t do it for me.  Pictures of you tricking Dave Coulier into believing you think he’s funny would.
  3. Wait…what was that?  You had a baby??  I must have missed the memo.  Oh no wait.  There it is.  Everywhere.
  4. I have this weird thing where letters have to spell real words and numbers can’t replace letters.  I know.  I’m looking into it.
  5. Hi mom.  Fancy meeting you on the one place you never existed before.
  6. Shouting your political stances at…

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    1. No problem! Thank you for writing this post, because this is basically the Facebook experience, and it was only a matter of time before someone wrote about it in accuracy! lol


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