New Professions for Meek Mill Now That His Rap Career is (Probably) Done

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Unless you’re allergic to the New School of Hip Hop, you know of the electrifying rap feud between Drake and Meek Mill. But if you’re stuck in your not-today chilluns …here’s a recap. In what I imagine was an intoxicated rant fest with hoards of yes-men, Meek Mill went on…

What’s a Library?: Written by a man rich enough to live on W. 53rd St. who’s never been to the library and Googles everything

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There are several things you can count on in this world: Every now and then, the New York Times¬†will write a 10 years too late article about hipsters and Brooklyn; someone will start an essay about graphic novels with the…

There’s a way I feel when I’m immersed in writing. I’m in a zone, I’m transported to the world I created in my head when away from pen and paper or a keyboard. It’s paradise, liberatingbto think certain thoughts and take my mind off of real world tribulations. I need to go back to that… More