Made some minor changes to this blog.

Hopefully I can tweek it a little more in the future, especially the banner at the top of the page (which isn’t much of a problem, as far as Photoshop is concerned), but this’ll do for now.

It feels good to step away from the chaos of Tumblr, although I do love it very much. Some of you may be a bit confused about what Tumblr is or don’t even know it exists at all, but if you’re still curious after reading the last few words, check it out for yourself.

I hope to make more posts here and make this an active blog, as active as my Tumblr. Before I got deep into the obsession of Tumblr, I was a serial tweeter, but I rarely even tweet, and in the even I do, it’s mainly to reply to people talking to me or catching up with Twitter fam. You can also follow me @dederants, if you’d like.

Lastly, for those of you who are into BBC’s Sherlock or Doctor Who or Alan Rickman, you may find some posts here or on my Tumblr (mostly on my Tumblr) that may be of your interest.

And for those of you who are not only Sherlock fans and live in the NYC Metro area, here’s a site that you may be particularly fond of: SherlockNYC. They just had their first major event on Saturday, January 7th, a screening of Sherlock Series 1, and it proved successful. I’ve made a lovely post complete with pictures from the event, and feel free to check out their Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook profiles as well as their main site (which looks like it’s still a bit under construction, but they’re just starting out; their Tumblr is a lot sexier :-D)

Ok, guys, I don’t really have much else to discuss, unless it’s either A Scandal in Belgravia or The Hounds of Baskerville (episodes from Series 2 of Sherlock), but if you haven’t seen the show yet, then I’d rather not spoil anything until you’ve seen those episodes.

Catch you guys later,
Deannah XO


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