I once had this picture as a postcard when I was younger, and I really loved it. Other than it being a black and white photo that was taken in Paris in what seems to be the 1940s, but because it’s one of those unplanned moments. I love those, the moments that end up being the most memorable. The photo captures a moment that looks as if it wasn’t meant to be caught, but now that it was, it’s become one of those extremely memorable and popular photos that you see on someone’s blog and re-blogged or tweeted to death, or framed and hanging on the wall of your doctor’s office; possibly even in a Valentine’s Day special issue of Cosmopolitan or Vogue.

It also makes me wonder about a few things:

  • For starters, this is happening in public, in the 1940s. Well, granted it’s Paris, but still, for this point in time, it must have been a bit scandalous.
  • The relationship between the subjects of the photo. It makes me wonder if they’re boyfriend/girlfriend, married, or possibly just a short, passionate fling. I’d also like to know the circumstances of the kiss, whether they’re meeting for the first time in a very long time or if one of the parties is leaving soon after the kiss. Do they have children together? Do their families know that they’re dating? Do they have families to go back to?
  • Another interesting thing you notice upon looking at the photo are the people surrounding the subjects. What’s on the mind of the guy walking behind the woman? Is he in a hurry to get somewhere, or irritated about something, and these crazy, horny kids are walking slow and in his way? Or is he thinking of doing the same thing to his wife or girlfriend (or maybe boyfriend on the DL)? And what about the girl walking past the guy? Is she jealous? Or could she be, quite possibly, the guy’s girlfriend, and she didn’t have time to react to the act before the picture was taken? That would make for a juicy Hot Topic on Wendy!
  • One more point is the body language.In some way, you could tell the kiss was spontaneous because the woman being kissed is relaxed, as if she was just walking alongside the man, and the guy’s got his right hand on her shoulder, pulling her in for the kiss, his left hand lifting up as if to grab her face in the process. I find spontaneity to be sexy during certain situations, and I hope that these two stayed together (that is, if he’s not with the chick walking past him LOL).

But it’d be wonderful if, one day, I have one of these encounters with someone special. If that day never comes, then I’m happy to have come across such a beautiful photo. On a postcard.


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