Writing with my Childhood Self

Writing with my Childhood Self.

This post has giving me the idea of writing “freely and without concern”, something that I’ve managed to deny myself for years.

I think it’s time that I do like I did earlier in my angsty letter whatever-it-was and just… write. Stop criticizing myself and stop self-editing. Just type and correct, no, change it later.

I used to do that type of writing when I was younger and had no limits, or at least none that pertained to what I was taught was acceptable.�

via Writing with my Childhood Self.


2 thoughts on “Writing with my Childhood Self

  1. I can’t write any other way – trust your muse and just let go. I find if i force my characters to do a certain thing that is what I think the story should do and not what it IS doing my words dry up, the flow grinds to a halt and i simply can’t produce. If i relax and enjoy the show that is being produced buy my mind and fingers then i can write and write and write.
    Leave the rest , the mess , the details , to the first round of edits.


    1. I totally agree… When I was younger, writing was so much easier than it is now. Nowadays, although I write freely on my blogs, it’s a bit harder to get the English school teachings out of my head when it comes to writing fiction. Music, pictures and nature tend to be my muses, which makes things a bit smoother. But you’re right!


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