Using Your Own Wiki Page As A Resumé? F*CK YEAH!

Before the thought occurred to me, I always thought that Wikipedia was pretty helpful in terms of getting a bit of valid information or a person, place, thing or event. Need to know when Alan Rickman was born? When did the Berlin Wall come down? Whose sticky fingers lifted the Mona Lisa painting out of the Louvre in broad daylight? Those answers usually lie in Wikipedia.

But for the past couple of months, I’ve been thinking about the power of the site. If it’s so useful in supplying information about famous people and/or places and events, and just so happens to be the second or third result to show up in a Google search, how helpful can it be for those seeking exposure in the spotlight or, most importantly, those who are looking for employment?

I’ve started an account for myself, and thought about making a Wiki page for myself and my Tumblr blog, but it sits empty and unpublished. Since the internet pretty much allows you the freedom to promote yourself as a brand, it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself some attention from possible employers. This would be especially helpful for those wanting to get into the entertainment industry, giving producers and possible agents a glimpse into your achievements. Of course, it wouldn’t take the place of an audition, but it’s a start.

I, myself, am an actor, and since the summer of 2010, I’ve been slowly accumulating credits as a background extra, a couple of them featured, as well as a performance in an off-Broadway production that includes sketch comedy and improv (which was a pretty rewarding experience), and while a resumé is helpful, a Wiki page might be of some significance, considering that employers rely on the internet, especially social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to research possible employees. I’d like to work on my Wiki page so this is remotely possible, but the process is a bit daunting, considering the tutorial on how to create a Wiki page is, in my eyes, similar to a college course.

I shall, eventually, move past this, take the time to study “How To Make a Wiki Page”, complete it and publish it for the public to fawn over (or make fun of, whichever works for you). But if you’re out of work, looking for a better job, simply curious, or just wanna be “internet famous”, then, by all means, get started on that Wiki page.

But make sure you read the instructions first.

UPDATE: Through several incoming comments by people involved with Wikipedia, I’ve been informed that Wikipedia would NOT be an ideal place for self-promotion, for it’s only meant for notable people, places and events that contain verifiable resources and information.

HOWEVER, there are other, similar sites that can be used for the purposes I’ve originally stated in this post. While it’s also ideal to use job-finding sites such as, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn, there’s Wiki-like sites such as Wikia and Wikidot. I hope these are helpful to you guys, and a special thanks to those who contributed this wealth of information in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Using Your Own Wiki Page As A Resumé? F*CK YEAH!

      1. Okay, I see. Quick question: about a month ago, I saw another site that let you create your own Wiki page, called Wikidot. Would you say that would be a best bet instead of Wikipedia if one isn’t notable?


  1. (WordPress wouldn’t let me reply inline, hmph)

    That might be a good option. Another one is Wikia . However they’re designed to create wikis (mini encyclopedias) so that might work for you.


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