It’s been so long since I last wrote in a journal, actually put pen to paper.

It feels nice to just write things out form time to time, because there’s only so much that you allow yourself to type up on a blog, and I don’t want people I know on Facebook seeing what I type (which is why I barely use it or make any status updates).

The only downside to writing by hand (and I know this from plenty of experience) is that my hand tends to cramp up after a while. That’s usually what happens when your hand isn’t used to that much writing for a certain length of time, but I guess I just got tired of those cramps and abusing my poor hands. Sometimes, it’s much easier to just… type my feelings.

But now that I’ve gotten back the feel of writing things out by hand, it’s a wonderful feeling that I’d like to continue from here on out, and I hope that most of you have at least taken the time to just… write shit out. It’s a wonderful, cathartic feeling, letting all that energy flow from your hands, through the pen and onto the paper.

If anything, I suggest just sitting down with a pen and paper, thirty minutes, and your thoughts, alone in a room with no distractions. Before you know it, time will fly, and you will have found a piece of yourself that has been dying to get out for quite some time!


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