So my day has been lovely…

  • My brother finally left after being here since Thursday night
  • I’ve continued reading The Fault In Our Stars (and am almost halfway through)
  • I’m currently watching Big Fat Quiz of the Year: 2007 and having great fun
  • I have a tab open with the complete text of Hamlet for later reading (or whenever I feel like it)
  • I have lima beans cooking in the crock pot (and they should be ready this evening after I’ve made cornbread)
  • I have a Benedict Cumberbatch fic halfway done (it still needs editing once I’ve finished writing it, but yeah)
  • I hope to have some cash sometime within the next couple of weeks
  • I’m typing and feeling creative
  • Oh, and I’m caught up on Downton Abbey, which is spectacular and I cannot wait until the third series

Ok, that’s all of my latest update. Things are just getting better and better as time goes on, but I’m not gonna count my chickens just yet. There’s 11 more months left in the year, and there are many more adventures to be had.


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