A Super Bowl Post That Has 70 Percent To Do With The Super Bowl

Who’d have thought lazy days would be so wonderful?

Well, I always knew this, being the professional slacker I am.

Yesterday Was Food Shopping Day, Today Is Lazy Day.

But today’s lazy day can truly be enjoyed, for even cooking dinner won’t be much of a hassle. And there’s plenty going on online with the recaps of last night’s Super Bowl (GO GIANTS!), including the whole controversy of what happened during the HalfTime performance.

For those of you that missed it and have been living under a rock, Madonna performed a new song that she did with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. (I cannot recall the name, because I didn’t pay much attention), and during the performance of the song, M.I.A. flipped the bird towards the camera. Apparently it’s worse than Nipplegate a few years ago (the “wardrobe malfunction” during Janet Jackson’s performance after Justin Timberlake pulled a layer of Jackson’s costume away from her costume), but that’s not all that happened.

There were wonderful plays throughout the game (which I didn’t see much of, because I’d only seen a few minutes of the game after the halftime show, and I have recaps on the news programs this morning and Tumblr to thank for filling me in about them), but after the game had been won by the New York Giants, it was reported that Gisele Bundchen, wife of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, ran through people and reporters to get to Tom and give him a hug, and while Brady talked to the press post-game, Gisele couldn’t go through a lobby without taunts aimed towards her husband and her team.

Now, while I’m happy that the Giants won (making this their second Super Bowl win against the Patriots), the taunting is unnecessary. It’s one thing if you’re doing it to your close friends for a bit of a laugh, but she’s doing something as simple as consoling her husband after a loss of a major sporting event. There’s no need for childish cruelty, and she doesn’t deserve it.

Also, there are claims that while Bundchen and Brady were walking back to the team bus, Katy Perry tried to get their attention and say hello, but they either didn’t notice her or simply ignored her. I don’t see how this is important in any way, but if my husband and his team lost the Super Bowl or the World Series or the chance at an Olympic medal, etc., I would pay attention or want to talk to anyone.

But yeah… how was your weekend?


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