Podcasts And Why The Podcasting Market Is Slowly Going To Sh*t

It’s been a while since I’ve listened and subscribed to a podcast that I really enjoyed. “What was the lucky podcast?” you ask.

Drink ‘Til We’re Funny.

That show got my attention back in 2006, when it was only a year old, and Deena, Justin, & Jon made me laugh so hard I’ve peed myself a bit on several occasions. They’ve also managed to talk about anything as well as bring their friends in for the fun.

Then, in mid-2009, they published what would unknowingly be the last episode of DTWF to date. Time went on, and I’d continuously update with hope in my heart, but nothing new came up.

Three and a half years later, and there’s no update, but since then, I’ve grown to enjoy After Hours with Heidi & Frank, an uncensored spin-off of The Heidi & Frank Show showcased on local California radio. Another great podcast, Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler (one of my favorite comediennes) is uncensored as well as visited by celebrities and talk of video games, movies, and technology.

Unfortunately, these great podcasts do not fill the void that DTWF has left me with.

It’d be wonderful to know that the members of the show are still alive and well, and I would love to see at least one update show with everyone together, talking about everything that happened in their lives between July 2009 and now. But it seems, from the lack of updates on the podcast’s website, that the admin’s abandoned ship in the wake of their own life getting in the way.

There was even a point in time where I’ve attempted my very own podcast, with a short-lived live radio show on BlogTalkRadio, followed by an attempt to create another, much longer version via iTunes, but failed. I had hoped that I’d end up doing something with a few friends, just to have fun and capture it and post it somewhere for everyone to hear, but nothing ever really came of it.

Also, I have an issue with a lot of podcasts nowadays. It seems that too many of them that could be great are just simply trying way too hard to gain followers. Thankfully, there are a select few that are staying true to their way of podcasting and getting their audiences authentically, like DTWF did. So far, until something really catches my attention, I’ve pretty much lost hope…

I think, in terms of myself and my dream of podcasting, it’s best that I stick to my day job of blogging and leave the podcasting to the professionals, or at least on the back-burner for now. I shall, however, hope for an awesome podcast that I can tune into like Girl On Guy, After Hours, and DTWF, and listen to repeatedly, laughing my ass off and having fun in the process.


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