From One Chapter To Another

Well, in terms of books like Sherlock Holmes, there are several stories containing chapters, each part published as separate books.

In my case, I have the Barnes & Noble leatherbound edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes, with all of the stories compiled in one book. I just finished A Study In Scarlet, which was a pretty awesome and riveting story, and I compared the parallels of that story to what I saw in A Study In Pink (BBC’s Sherlock).

Up next is The Sign Of The Four, which should be interesting. I’m gonna get some rest and save it for tomorrow, since it’s supposed to snow tonight into tomorrow, and I’m not leaving the house anytime this weekend, so yeah.

At the end of A Study In Scarlet, Dr. Watson ended it with a miser in Latin:

“Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo
Ipse domi simul ac nummos contemplar in arca.”

I used Google Translate to see what it meant, but I’m pretty sure the translation is wrong. I’m gonna put it here, anyway, and if anyone has the correct translation, leave it in the comments:

“The people hiss me, but I applaud he at the same time at home and contemplate the money in the ark.”


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