Half of the things on Tumblr are a result of the ideas of others. Heck, there’s FANFICTION, for crying out loud!!!!! Granted there are authors who’d rather their readers not write or publish onto any site their own take of the author’s story, but I look at that this way: If you don’t want me to write fanfiction of the headcanon that I get from your story, what’s the point of putting it out there? Yeah, that doesn’t have much to do with stealing, but come on. If you don’t want people messing up your story in their own way and they’re not getting paid for it, why put it out there?
Sorry for this mini-rant, but this is how I feel, especially about fan fiction. And we must all remember that, as artists, NOTHING is original unless it’s something that no one’s seen or read or heard. #rantover


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  1. Thank you for reblogging my post!

    I agree with your thoughts on Fanfiction. Fanfiction is essentially free publicity for the book, movie or T.V. show and is a sign that fans care enough about it to write.

    I think J.K. Rowling is the quinessential example of what to do if people start writing fanfiction about your work and the creators of Alan Rickman Confessions could learn from her.


    1. Exactly… as a matter of fact, if I’m right, she ENCOURAGES it. We all know the story, whether we’ve read it or not, and those of us who have read the books have our own head-canons (I have MANY) that we’d like to write down and/or post somewhere.

      We simply wanna have fun as writers, and aren’t getting paid for it. The creator of the AR Confessions blog should know that her blog isn’t all that original, BTW, since, and I’m sure of this, there are other confessions blogs that the blog creator has gotten the idea for ARC from, anyways.


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