It’s The Weekend, Weekend… And It’s Almost Ended

This weekend was pretty eventful. And fun!

I went to a birthday dinner party for a dear friend and fellow Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch fan, and the attendees and I discovered that red wine mixed with sparkling apple cider is f*cking delicious. It was also great to see people that I don’t see everyday, go back to Alice’s Tea Cup (we went to a different branch), and finally be out of the house and Peekskill.

At the moment, I’m watching OWN (no worries; I don’t have a Nielsen box) and I’ve managed to tune my violin that I still don’t know how to play yet. I hadn’t messed around with it for quite a while, and the strings on the violin managed to loosen over time. It was a pain trying to tune it, but I hope all is well. I will continue to try and teach myself, and maybe I’ll get to somewhat of a point where I can play a little ditty or two.

And I need to get back into writing. I’ve been doing everything else for the past few days BUT that. It’s an exercise that my brain needs from time to time, or my brain will shut down and I won’t be able to function, but that could be one of my greatest qualities, for I’m random, as it is.

So I’ll attempt at making the most of the last few hours of the weekend and get some writing in while I have the chance. Then maybe a bit of reading, possibly getting in some re-blogging on my Tumblr; you know how I do.


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