I tend to read and write fanfiction from time to time, and it’s a wonderful writing exercise 😀

Welcome to Exeter...

Hi, my name is Jennie. And I write fanfiction.

I’m not supposed to say that. “Real” writers don’t write fanfiction — and if they do, they don’t admit it. Literary writers certainly don’t. I can see the head of the local writers group cringing as he reads this. But I’m saying it anyway.


Why? Because I’ve found over the past 12 years that fanfiction builds my storytelling skills much more quickly than if I were muddling away on my original fiction. I’ve written probably 750,000 or so words of fanfiction in that time, most of it during the past three years in the NCIS fandom. I’ve used those stories to shake off the rust from a five-year hiatus from fiction writing, then to go on to build my skills in plotting, pacing, structure, dialogue, description… Pretty much every skill you need to have for fiction writing, I’ve developed through…

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