Broke Into My Oprah’s Lifeclass Journal…

Managed to write 8 pages worth of feels about a couple of things that caught my attention and annoyed the sh*t out of me.

One of them I won’t discuss, because it’s such a hot button issue, and I could get a lot of backlash (yes, I know, it’s my blog, but let’s get real here), but the other one involves an episode of Dr. Phil talking to this married couple who are in a ‘open relationship’. I don’t wanna get into it, because it really bothered me, and I tend to rant on and on to the point where I make no kind of sense.

Read a little bit of Looking For Alaska, watched the Oscars (but only to look for Benedict Cumberbatch, although he was at Elton John’s party), including the red carpet, ordered a phone (and cases for it) that I hope to get between tomorrow and Thursday, and I’m now watching 2 Broke Girls, which I haven’t watched in quite a long while, being that I’ve been forgetting about it.

Another thing that’s managed to piss me off is TMZ Live. Harvey was talking about NONSENSE, like the whole thing with Angelina Jolie’s Oscar dress and how she kept posing for attention. It’s like, DUH!!!! Don’t most celebrities do dumb shit for attention?!?!?! Plus, who’s to say she wasn’t doing that for Brad and making him randy?!?! And I did NOT see Jennifer Lopez’s areola peeking out from her dress, so people need to stop freaking the fuck out and pixelating her chest. It’s not a nip slip, so SIT DOWN.

And the whole Sasha Baron Cohen-Ryan Seacrest-urn incident, although, I’m sure, a bit humorous, is, for me, hard to watch, but I digress.


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