Script Frenzy, Day 2: Four Pages In…

I finally got past the scene heading that I started yesterday. 

Sometime after typing the scene heading into the Celtx program that is such a LIFESAVER, I started to write down some dialogue and actions in the scene. So far, I’ve managed to knock out four pages (three if you exclude the title page), and I’m actually having some fun, doing this while watching Oprah’s Lifeclass LIVE.

I don’t care what anyone says or how bad OWN is getting; I have faith in Oprah, and I do believe this network will rise from the ashes and things will get better. 

Back to Script Frenzy… 

I see that some people that I follow through are making some progress, which I’m happy about. It gets me motivated and I feel much better when I’ve accomplished something to the effect of a couple of pages. I’m glad that I have at least taken on the task of doing something hat people say that they wanna do, but never get the chance to or are too lazy to do.

UPDATE: I’ve managed to knock out 5 pages of the script, and I don’t think I could dole out anymore until tomorrow. Also, a Tumblr follower was sweet enough to leave me kudos and a glowing review of a Sherlock fan ficlet that I wrote a few months back based on a song that I love.

I think I should head on to bed and watch 1 Girl, 5 Gays until it goes off, or maybe fall asleep to some recorded episodes of World’s Dumbest

Night night,
Deannah 😀 


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