WOW. Haven’t been on here in a LONG while.

Just came from browsing my dash on Vimeo, another site I’ve been away from, and became wax nostalgic of the days I made videos out of random things.

And this past weekend, I went to my first con, Connecticon in Hartford, CT.

Much fun was had there (aside fro a few hiccups, but that’s whatever. Shit happens.), and this morning, I bought a pass for NY Comic Con 😀

Late last month, I was in Connecticut visiting William Gillette’s castle, which is GORGEOUS and BOSS. I’d like to see any of today’s celebrities try to top the awesomeness that is Gillette Castle.

I’m also glad to see that Benedict Cumberbatch got an Emmy nomination for a birthday present today! I’m so proud of him, Martin Freeman and the crew of Sherlock; in total, there’s 13 nominations!!!

Also, I’ve been struggling to write things, which include fan fiction and my own original fiction; it materializes in my head so beautifully, but when I try to type it up or write it down on paper, it doesn’t seem to make sense. maybe because I’m not giving it a chance?

And I’ve been lacking here on WordPress and giving Tumblr most of my time!!!! So sorry, guys, but Tumblr’s usually where it’s at (considering the wonderful and wacky people that I follow/talk to on a frequent basis there)!


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