So I nearly sen…

So I nearly sent an email that I didn’t need to send. 

It’s a link to an article on Oprah’s site about how to embrace your crazy, chaotic life, and it’s an article that I’d like for a dear friend to read, but I also feel that I can talk to her about this exact subject.

I think I’ll save it until I actually talk to her in person and then send it to her afterwards. Although I feel like she could use it now, considering her life is… pretty hectic, what with going to school, working, and handling a fan club all at the same time. She doesn’t have any children, which is what the article implies, but the great thing about said article (and others before it) is that it doesn’t strictly apply to parents.

I don’t know… I’m conflicted in what I plan to do. I could easily send it to her with the subject, “Here’s a good read…” and hope that she doesn’t get offended, or I could wait until I see her in person and then have her read the article. 

Eventually, I hope she does take the time to read it and realize to live life in the present. I hope the article is also helpful for those of you who are reading this post.


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