Such a shame there’s no Spotify Play button available for WordPress.

There’s so much amazing music in my playlist I’d love for you guys to hear (if you haven’t heard it already), but I’m not sure that, even if I post a link to it, you’ll be able to listen to it.

Yes, you have to have Spotify installed on your computer, but the great thing about that is it’s FREE.

I’ve had a dear friend ask me what Spotify is, and my answer to her was: It’s what iTunes SHOULD be.

It’s true; yeah, iTunes is great for music you already have stored on your computer, as well as downloading music and podcasts, not to mention rent/buy movies. But when it comes to simply listening to music without having to pay for it or deal with 15-30 second snippits of songs, I find Spotify to be an amazing application.

Another great thing about Spotify is that it makes sharing your favorite music and playlists possible and EASY. Take MS MR‘s new single, Dark Doo Wop (which is AMAZING, BTW!), for example. If I’m loving the single so much that I wanna share it with other people, I can click to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. Most of the  time (which is all of the time) my song choices are shared with people who follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, and for those who are friends of mine on Facebook, they’re able to see what I’ve been listening to on Spotify.

The only gripe I have with Spotify is that it’s a bit of a chore to find people and friend them. You’d have to do it through a playlist they send you or be friends with them on Facebook, which is ridiculous. That needs to be worked out.

But yeah… that’s my love affair with Spotify, and for those of you who want more information on the application, check out Spotify’s website!

P.S. If you wanna follow me, leave a comment and I’ll leave a link to a playlist. Open the playlist, click on my username, and then click “+Follow”.


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