I’m Living Another Life.

In my head.

Yes, you heard that right: In my head, I’m living a life in another parallel universe.

Someone on Tumblr gave the impression that we all, individually, have several parallel universes. I, of course, have/have had many more than several over time and at the current moment.

Right now, the other me in a parallel universe is a gir who has not only won over a billion dollar jackpot thanks to New York Mega Millions, but also unexpectedly inherited a multi-billion-dollar fortune from a man she simply developed a platonic relationship with, his fortune she didn’t know about until after he’d dropped dead and his attorneys contacted her.

This girl is currently living primarily in his Manhattan brownstone, with another luxury flat in London, England, and other properties that she intends to sell or rent out. She doesn’t want or need much, but appreciates the financial security brought upon her.

In another parallel universe, I’m a famous actress based out of England, with awards on her mantle, having already been interviewed by James Lipton for Inside The Actors Studio more than once. I’m close friends with a select few other celebs, married to a handsome British actor, while still having friends who aren’t famous keeping me down to earth in both those worlds.

It’s a wonder that I’ve managed to keep my sanity. I guess because I realize that it’s not real, and it’s something that I can take and turn into a book or a short story even for people to read and fantasize about for themselves. Who doesn’t want a secure career and financial security?

The reality is that I don’t have either life, and as much as I would like either one, I’m aware that it’s not going to happen, nor is it something I should strive for. If it does or did ever happen, then great, but I wonder how I’d handle all of that if it did. I’m just glad it never happened 5-10 years ago… God forbid!

Striving for unrealistic things surely spells out disaster, but having a vivid imagination is harmless. It’s like a secret world that you can escape to when you’re bored or stressed out or if there’s nothing on television or the internet or generally need a vacation from reality at times.

So I’ve given you a glimpse at my two parallel universes. How about you guys: do you guys have a place in your mind, a parallel universe of your own that you like to escape to at times?


One thought on “I’m Living Another Life.

  1. Children can escape to these alternate realities so easily, (and often right in front of people). It’s a shame that we are discouraged from being so imaginative as we grow up.

    I don’t know that I create whole universes (I need to find jobs for my wife and son, which kind of limits what can happen, if you know what I mean), but I sometimes imagine conversations with fictional people when I’m trying to battle insomnia, which is often. Somehow, doing this helps me fall asleep. If the imaginary talk goes in an intresting direction, I’ll change me to somebody else and turn it into an actual story. My first full-length manuscript started out this way, in fact.


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