Ann Coulter Is A Fraud. At Least To Me, Anyways.

Ann Coulter is know as a Conservative talking head who has published many books filled with things that people (unfortunately) take the time to read and absorb, mainly to figure out what the hell is going through her head at times and how she could come up with such banter.

But somehow, some way, I know for a fact that this whole act is just that: an act.

She’s done many controversial things, one recently being a statement she made about civil rights only being for the Blacks (as she kindly put it). Just last night, after the presidential debate, she posted a tweet about Obama that got people’s panties in a twist. As a result, an open letter was addressed to her by Special Olympics athlete and global messenger John Franklin Stephens (the letter was beautiful and heartfelt, BTW).

But it’s obvious that this is what she expected and wanted all along. Controversy brings about press, whether good or bad. Ann Coulter isn’t stupid, but she’s willing to take advantage of the gullible and say whatever will get people riled up and angry. Sadly, there are people who genuinely think and say the same things that fly out of her mouth or are transferred from pen to paper, and she knows to wrangle them up and get them excited.

With the way she’s going, Coulter could run for public office. I don’t know how far she’d get in the contest, but depending on where she runs and what office she’d run for, she’d probably win in a landslide.

I think the point I’m trying to get at is that it’s not hard to see through the actress that is Ann Coulter. I don’t know her personally nor socially, but I don’t believe, not even for a nanosecond, that she actually believes the horse radish she spews. I really don’t; she’s an educated woman, and I’m sure she reads all the newspapers and newsmagazines and watches all of the pundits and keeps track of social issues, current events, etc.

She seems to be a parody of the stereotypical ignoramus that we see or meet on occasion.

Well, Ms. Coulter, I believe you’ve earned your Academy Award. Nice work!


6 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Is A Fraud. At Least To Me, Anyways.

  1. If it’s just an act to sell books, I think that makes her even worse. Who wants to spew vile hatred for a living?

    On Fox news the other day, she said she didn’t understand what was wrong with referring to African-Americans as “The Blacks.” Ok, Ann. Do you borrow your talking points from KKK rallies?

    Sorry, I hijacked your rant again. That particular person just gets under my skin. If you want to rant about flats vs pumps or your favorite lacrosse team, go ahead. I’m pretty neutral about those things.


    1. Oh, that’s absolutely fine! I just needed to get that out of my system. I’m one to stay away from heated discussions such as politics, especially when people like Ann Coulter are involved, I appreciate the comment and any more that may possibly come to this post!


      1. Yeah, good insults don’t require the listener to think super hard about who’s just been insulted. BTW, I’m not American, so maybe you can answer: Why is the moderator from each speech different? How they picked?


      2. Honestly, I have no idea, but I have to say that my favorite moderators were Candy Crowley, who moderated the second presidential debate, and Martha Raddatz, who moderated the Vice Presidential debate. Funny story: during Monday’s debate, my mom yelled at the screen, saying that they need to bring the female moderators back, because Monday’s moderator was so BORING and DRY.


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