DeDe And The Day She Wanted To Explode

There’s so much I want to talk about, but half of it I can’t, because I promised not to even talk about it. But the other half…

Well, for starters, there’s this whole thing happening on Tumblr that I’d just rather not get into because, at least to me, it’s gone on far too freaking long and it’s absolute ridiculousness. Why I even mentioned it is my own ridiculousness, but I already had a mini-rant about it on Twitter, and people still aren’t over it, so whatever.

Now, onto other things: I ended up in Tumblr jail once again. For those of you wondering what Tumblr jail is, it’s where you’ve reached your daily post limit, and you can’t post anything else, only like. It’s unclear how many posts you can make before you end up in Tumblr jail, and Tumblr refuse to even disclose the number, but what can a Tumblr addict do other than try and find other ways of being productive?!

During my time in Tumblr jail — which, thankfully, ends at midnight! — I started watching a show called American Horror Story on Netflix for the first time, and this show has me addicted! And to think the sole purpose was to watch it until I could post again! I kid you not: the first post I made after midnight struck was “AMERICAN HORROR STORY IS AWESOME WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE” or something like that.

Bottom line: this show may be insanity, but it’s a great show, great story, brilliantly written, and I’m halfway through the series, but I’ll get through it quickly!

So yeah, that was my day and many of the instances when I wanted to explode!

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