On To New Beginnings…

Well, this year has been… pretty awesome. 

At least it was for me…

Many things have happened in 2012, and I’ve met more and more awesome people, done some pretty awesome things (too many to list too lazy to list them).

And no, I won’t have anyone to kiss at the stroke of midnight, but it’s all good. That might not end very well, but I’m no psychic. I’m not making any sense with that last thing, am I?

Also, I wanna apologize for not giving my small WordPress fam more attention, for much of that attention has been geared towards Tumblr (I may be an addict :-O). I would like to spend more time with you guys, and I don’t want to only do that when I end up exceeding my daily post limit on Tumblr. There’s no post limit here on WP, is there? If you know the ins and out of WP, feel free to leave comments.

Also, it’d be great to upload my writing WP blog more. I’ve written many things during the past year; granted most of that work is either fluff or smutty fanfiction for BBC’s Sherlock, but it’s writing, and I’m flexing my writer’s muscles more. At the same time, I participated in NaNoWriMo this year, and being that I love the story I wrote this time around (the last one is shit but can be rewritten at a later time) I hope to work some more on it, maybe post some snippets of it on the writing blog.

Aside from all of that, I’d like to wish you guys a belated Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2013. Even if negative things came into your life this year, it will get better in 2013. Just think of it as… a gift, in a sense. So many unpredictable things will happen, and I’m positive that many of them will be good and awesome and amazing.

You guys deserve good, or even great, things. 

Happy New Year, guys 😀




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