Awkward Public Moments with DeDe

So, I’m currently chillaxin at the local coffee house in my town, and I swear…

(Almost) every time I come here, there’s this couple that’s practically making out in a corner of the shop. Now, I sit at a table in the back. The lovey-dovey couple is at a table a yard or so away, and they’re usually nearly all over each other.

I have.nothing against it, seems the woman is always looking back at me whenever she gets the chance, with a look as if to take pity on me being at a table by my lonesome.

No, I haven’t gone to her and personally asked her why she does this, but I’m gonna quit making assumptions about the whole thing and mind my business.

With all these encounters I have occasionally, i should write a tv or film script about it. This stuff is meant to be written about in a fictional manner, or whatever you wanna call it.

Ok, enough of my mindless banter, and back to simple observation of my fellow patrons at the local congregation know as the coffee house.


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