I have a page ready for a character, bit no idea what yo write about them.

Yhe hardest thing yo do is write about characters, or at least WHO they are as a perso., especially when you haven’t fully formed them in your head.

What males it even harder is when you’re torn between making a checklist of characteristics based on what other authors tell you or one all your own. You do want the reader to get to know your characters and, therefore, the things they do throughout the story. My problem is I’m not giving myself the freedom to not give a damn and just make my own list of characteristics, because it’s something that works for me…

Oh, screw it… This is not a competition. It’s writing, something I needn’t worry about, since this is my world, and I’m just letting people into it. Not to sound cray or snobbish at all, but… Ugh.


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