It’s snowing lightly at the moment…

But I’ve just finished grocery shopping, and currently enjoying a hot cup of java before I make my way back home.

I would take a taxi, but I don’t want to waste money nor do I need to. I’m a five to seven minute walk from the supermarket, so it’s whatevs.

This morning, when the snow started, it wasn’t sticking, but now it is. Thankfully it’s now coming down hard, or it’d be a bit more treacherous getting home. Thank god for my trusty boots…

For everyone in the path of this gnarly nor’easter about to swallow us whole, please keep and drive safe. Hopefully you were sent home from work or school early to beat the weather and traffic, or you knew better to just not leave the house.

And good luck running last-minute errands at your local grocer or department store, for it’s gonna be pretty hectic!


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