I have this issue all the time, mainly because I have many distractions. But once I get away from those distractions, and I’m not so comfortable in my bed, I get started on writing, and there are times where I lose myself in what I’ve written! Thanks for the tips!

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

I’ve noticed the longer I get away from my writing routine, the harder it is to get motivated to write.  This is especially hard when there is a major life event going on: moving, health issues, birth of a baby, death in the family (just to name a few).  If you have unsupportive family members or friends like I do, it’s even harder.  Because our work is at the computer, no one “sees” us working.  We’re not doing physical labor, so it’s harder to convince them that what we’re doing is a job and must be treated like a job in order for us to stay in the business mindset.  Just because it’s work we enjoy, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy.  There are times when it’s downright hard, and we end up feeling like we have to pull teeth to get words on paper.

So what are some steps…

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