Kinda proud of myself with what I’ve been writing lately….

At least I’ve been writing. That’s what’s most important.

At the moment, through means I won’t discuss here, I’m watching documentaries through a channel in the UK. This specific channel has great docs as well as fictional, sketch, and panel/quiz shows.

Yesterday, I wrote an interesting short story that I consider a thriller, and originated as a random though and was actually going to be a chat post on Tumblr. But I thought better of it, and upon writing and proofreading it, I posted it on various sites like FictionPress, Wattpad, and Figment. For those of you that liked the link to the story I posted on here, I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for even taking the time to read it.

On said sites, I have other stories posted. Probably not very good, could use a bit of work (if not a lot), but I’m quite proud of them, even though it’s not perfect. Not that writing is supposed to be perfect, or it’d be boring. Basically stuff I’m glad to have gotten out of my system.

Aside from that, I hope life is treating many of you well, and I wish you all a wonderful Easter πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Kinda proud of myself with what I’ve been writing lately….

      1. Thanks for reading! I’ve had a bit of practice with a fanfic I’ve been writing; it really is tricky writing in second person, since I tend to change tenses without realizing it…


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