Currently on another keyboard, connected via USB cord, because a handful of the keys on my laptop’s keyboard aren’t working.

Last night — or this morning, I don’t remember — I spilt a bit of water on the keyboard, and a couple of the keys aren’t working. I’m assuming they won’t work for a while, at least until they’ve dried out significantly. I was quick on sopping up the water with my blanket, but I’ll still have to wait.

Until then, I have a back-up, thanks to the Dell desktop in the next room being dead, and having been so since December 2011. The mouse, also Dell and USB, is another back-up, although I don’t need it at the moment.

Yesterday, I was looking through a few purses, looking for my elusive PSP — I’ve been looking for it for about a month or so, cause I’d like to play it LOL — and I happened upon a paperback novella, titled Walks With Men bye Ann Beattie.



I flipped through it and saw one of the pages was dog-eared; I’ve read up to that point, but I may be vague in what I remember about the plot. 

It warrants a re-read, and it’s actually calling my name at the moment, just as strongly as it did when I first saw it in Barnes & Noble Glad I found it, and I hope to read it soon — maybe this weekend!


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