When Online Ranting Is And/Or Isn’t Appropriate

As a blogger, there are things I’d like to rant about (hence the namesake). There’s an array of emotions that go into every potential rant, regardless of what or who the post is about.

The problem I run into when it comes to people close to me is: what if said person were to see this, or catch wind of it through other people?

Yes, I can change their names and flub it up a bit for dramatic effect (i have a tendency to imagine events happening in my brain before writing them down — or not), but who is to say said person I’m talking about reads the post and correctly assumes it’s about them? Then I get the brunt of their anger when they confront me about it.

It’s happened before, when I made a post on Tumblr about an issue with a friend, and I never mentioned this friend’s name! They automatically knew it was about them, and they confronted me about it. It wasn’t even an assassination of their character; it was a realization I’d had about things they’d been going through and how I would react had those same things happened to me.

Is it because they truly felt I was saying bad things about them, that they didn’t understand the tone of the text? Or that, in that moment, they didn’t have control over what I had to say about them? Could they not handle the truth about themselves?

I’m constantly reminded by this person of the “fight” we had, when it wasn’t a fight at all. I would call it a misunderstanding. They think otherwise, but I choose not to nitpick.

This may be the only place where said person doesn’t come to read my stuff, and the safest place for me to dump my feelings. But there may come a day where said person reads this blog and make another assumption, and I’ll have to defend myself, once again, saying it’s not about them.

Well, it sort of is, but I digress.

But in regards to the subject, what is appropriate to rant about and when is it appropriate? I’m not impaired by rage or substance, recreational or prescribed. Nor do I have any ill will towards the people I want to rant about. If I do, I have a notebook and a word processor on my computer for that.

I just want to get my feelings out there, get it all out of my system before it builds and becomes the rage, anger, and frustration that festers in me when I don’t write. It sucks when you find a refuge and someone ‘invades’ it, for lack of a better term.

Have any of you had the same problem? Have you written something and gotten your ear bitten off for it, or wanted to rant about someone but didn’t, for fear of what would happen?


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