Finally able to blog from Fayetteville

It’s taken a while, and many tries and moving my computer around to get the best WiFi signal, but here I am, once again.

Also, my keyboard is 98% working order. The only keys not working are the eject and zero key, but I can deal… as long as the rest is working again!

And that means more blogging and WRITING STORIES!!!!!!!

It’d be great to get back into writing, because my phone just wasn’t cutting it. First, there’s the auto-correction, then the connection, and a lot of the time, posts — either here or Tumblr or Tweets, even — wouldn’t go through and would be lost in the wind. 

The WiFi connection is still iffy, but getting better after figuring out which way to position my laptop. 

As for the move, yes, we’ve moved into or new place. My older brother and his girlfriend have moved in with us, and we’ve had some fun for the past couple of weeks here. We still have things to get but will have eventually, but for the most part, we’ve made this house a home. 

Now, we have family in the area, mainly through my brother — he’s my half brother, and our mom was married to his father right out of high school and divorced within a few years — and my aunt and cousin have been hospitable since we arrived in Fayetteville. But there’s been so much drama within the family happening, enough that neither my brother and I wanted to see mom have another, much stronger stroke as a result of the craziness, so my brother helped find a home in another part of town, away from the dramatics. 

I’m glad to be out of that hot pot, and the neighborhood we’re in is peaceful. Birds chirping, dogs barking here and there — nothing serious — and the usual sounds of cars going by. We have a gated carport the landlord built while he lived here — yes, the house is rented, and really affordable rent, too! — and my mother sits outside, taking in the beautiful weather and the soothing chirps of the birds. There’s a lot of cardinals and blue jays down here, and we’ve been hearing a hooting every now and then, making us wonder if it’s an owl or a mockingbird or a species of bird we have yet to see.

Fun times… but yes, it’s nice to be back online and typing this up on an actual keyboard 😀


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