Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Well, for starters, I don’t think there’s anything I’d never write about.

Yet, there are times I should be writing and never get around to it. It’s depressing to think up a story, seeing it in moving images and mapping out the plot in my head, only to not write it down immediately or as I go along. Things, life’s events, come up, interrupting the creative process and I’ve forgotten half of what took me a half hour to dream up.

I’ve day-dreamt multiple short stories, novels — textual and graphic, novellas, fan fics, screenplays, etc., and have written, maybe, 2% of them as I thought them out. There are stories I spend months thinking about, stories that never make it to paper or the computer screen.

I still think about what could have been, the stories that shaped my imagination and continue to haunt me to this day. I need to exercise the physical writing muscle so it can catch up and sync to my rebellious imagination. So many ideas, lost in the wind. But if I think about them long enough, there are fragments that I could piece together and complete the quilt that took weeks, months, even years to sew. It won’t be perfect, but it can be done.

I can do it. It can be done.


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