This Has Been Another Camp NaNoWriMo Where I’ve Let Myself Down

I don’t deserve pity, nor do I need to pity myself.

I had the chance to get my shit together, buckle down, and write, but it’s much easier to be lazy and get nothing done. Besides, when you’re a chronic, professional procrastinator like me, you beat yourself up over everything you don’t do.

Yeah, I have the rest of today and the next four days to do some writing, but I’ve told myself this in the past, as I counted down the days, and haven’t done a thing. There has only been one day, since I started Camp NaNo this month, where I’ve managed to get some writing in, but haven’t written a thing since.

What makes it even worse is I’ve lost hope in the story I wanted to write. Maybe I should just write down the basic ideas and get back to it when I’m inspired, but I just can’t anymore. I’m waving the white flag at this point.

I do need to give myself credit for even writing in the first place. The last Camp NaNo, back in April, was met with zero results. Nothing was written, because I was so caught up in getting ready for my move.

I also thought moving down here would motivate me to write more, considering there’s not much better to do, but I haven’t written anything other than mostly rants and raves about random things, as well as reblog on Tumblr.

All that aside, I do wish the vest to those who pushed on through to the end, claiming victory as the 31st of July creeps ever closer, and I commend the for their bravery and hard work.


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