Daily Prompt: (YAWN)

What bores you?

Many things, one of them being stuck in the house with nowhere to go, feeling like a caged animal.

Sometimes I bore myself when I’m too lazy to do anything, so I find something to do that’ll (somewhat) pique my interest. I’ll wash dishes and, while doing them, sing a song that’s been stuck in my head for hours, act out a fake scenario, or listen to music on my iPod or audiobooks on my phone.

Writing kills boredom, even if it’s just a blog post. I read from time to time. Tweeting, Tumblring, or simply ¬†being social online helps.

Then there are times when I retreat to my own little world, what’s going on in it. The lives of the characters in my head occupy me until it’s time to eat or use the restroom.


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