Daily Prompt: Smell You Later

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us a smell that transports you.

(Photo courtesy of welikeitraw | ning)

Aside from scents like delicious food, browsing Bath & Body Works, or simply walking past a Yankee Candle store, there’s one scent I will always remember…

When spring rolled around during my middle school days (and I’m a big fan of the season) I craved going into a classroom and sitting next to an open window. The room in question would be at the rear of the building, where buds of nearby trees would bloom into fragrant flowers. This tree, however, was a specific one I cannot name, for I don’t know what the flowers blooming on it were. I can say it wasn’t a cherry blossom tree, since their scent isn’t nearly as bold or as sweet as what I’ve smelled. I’d close my eyes, the smell transporting me from my classroom to worlds I should have written novels or poems about, places of calm and comfort.

The only way I can describe it is it smelled of ‘flowery candy’ and is very intoxicating.

If any of you reading this can tell me, based on that vague description, what tree or flower produces that smell, please leave a comment, for it would be much appreciated. Just thinking about that smell brings me a healthy dose of nostalgia…

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