Daily Prompt: P.C.

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?

Honestly, I don’t know where to stand on political correctness.


Don’t mind my conscious making immature jokes…

Seriously, we’d all like think life would be easier with political correctness, that less people would be offended if we weren’t so damn blunt speaking our opinions of difficult issues…

There are many subjects of interest deemed taboo or too difficult to discuss without offending someone or hurting their feelings. And no one wants to be the asshole who made people cry. In this day and age, however, with the mass social medium we have, taboo is slowly dissolving, with more and more people vocalizing their thoughts. We no longer hide our feelings on issues of politics, race relations, religion, human rights, class, sexuality and identity with the aid of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and online forums.

I’m a blogger and have been for close to ten years. I’m sure I’ve written things that have hurt someone’s feelings or put someone off, deemed politically incorrect. But that’s the problem I have with political correctness: it gets in the way of possibly enlightening, honest discussions of serious topics. We all have individual points of view on these things, and we can talk about them without being politically correct. The question is whether people are willing to leave their ego at the door, open themselves up, and try to understand why another person feels the way they do. The method, “listening“, seems to be lost on most people.

We won’t like everyone’s opinion, and we don’t have to. But agreeing to disagree, or “compromise“, doesn’t seem to be in the cards during most discussions. We want to get our points across, even if it means interrupting someone mid-sentence because we heard something that doesn’t correlate with our beliefs. We want to be the correct ones, the smart ones. “Damn anyone who says otherwise, because they’re wrong and I’m right and always will be.” Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, there are people who pretty much say and do the exact say thing, if not word for word, and look like utter fools for it. Because they don’t want compromise or to listen, or are in denial about said issues even taking place.

I don’t think we really need political correctness. We need to learn to sit down, listen to one another, empathize, agree to disagree, and respect others in the same way we’d want to be respected as individuals. In doing so, we could all work together to create valuable, dependable solutions to today’s problems, and would make life a little, if not a lot, easier to live.


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