What Actors Aren’t Telling You

This is the first thing involving acting I’ve seen on WP, and Im’ glad to have found it through Freshly Pressed. I don’t have too much experience with acting, but I can relate with auditions and stage productions. Thank you for making this information available, and special thanks to the actors who opened up about their experiences and sent them to you!

Bitter Gertrude

Recently I posted on The Book of Faces that I was considering writing a post about audition tips for theatres, and I was deluged with responses from actors: horror stories, pet peeves, constant annoyances, along with gratitude for moments of kindness, special consideration, and respect. I had comments both publicly, on the post itself, and privately, in messages and emails, by the tankful.  Actors shared with me their ups and downs about the entire process, not just auditions, and it was quite an education. Going through them all, one thing stuck out to me immediately: No one is telling anyone else the truth about any of these things.

This is where I always come in, right? My brother likes to call this “career-limiting behavior.”

So here you go. The things actors are thinking but don’t ever tell you.

Note: I invented exactly none of this. Everything you see below comes…

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