Fearing Your Own Words

Writing, especially fan fiction and original fiction, can be a big task for me. It is fear, but mostly fear of the unknown, which leads to fear of either failure, success, or both simultaneously. Fear of failure because we fear our work will be so crappy no one will read it and we will be laughing stocks and our work considered worthless. Fear of success because it our work does become successful, there’s an expectation of making the next piece bigger and better, and it turns into a work we put together for the sake of making people happy and not for our own benefit, which is why our work was successful in the first place.

I think the best we can do as writers is simply write what we feel comfortable writing, write what comes easiest to us to write, and enjoy what we’re writing. When you read someone’s else’s work, you can sense whether it’s something the author just wrote up to satisfy readers or something they wrote from the heart; we’ve all experienced that. So maybe we could open ourselves up when we write, enjoy our journeys, and other people will see and possibly come along for the ride.


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