Daily Prompt: Never Again

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

I’ve gone to new places, only to realize later that it wasn’t the place for me. One of those places are nightclubs.

The first time I went to a nightclub was when I went to a club in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood called Avalon, previously known as Limelight. It was a club run in what was once an Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, and was a rather beautiful place. I’m not a fan of nightclubs for the reason one has to pay a fee ($30!) just to get in the door, pay a lot more money to get drinks (including water, which was $5/cup!), the place is ridiculously crowded, and fights can easily lead to something dangerous and deadly. Not to mention the music is so loud, it’s deafening. And I’m not one to get up and dance, so yeah. I’ll go to the bar for a pint of hard cider or hit up the liquor store and get drunk at home in my pajamas, thank you very much.

Another thing I’m never do again is drink Jaegermeister. I tried it at a friend’s halloween party — I was 19 here, as well — and let’s just say it’s not a smart thing to drink Jaeger from an 8 oz. shot glass twice. Not pretty.

It’s disgusting, and to drink it, I had to hold my nose, because the smell was strong and gross. Who had the bright idea of mixing licorice with alcohol?!

So, kids… let’s recount what DeDe won’t ever be doing again:

  • going to nightclubs (although I unknowingly went to one that was downstairs from the restaurant that owned it for a friend’s birthday a few years ago)
  • drinking Jaegermeister (but I did have a Jaegerbomb on my 21st. Still gross, even when mixed with Red Bull)

I can say, despite those minor setbacks, I haven’t repeated those offenses since.


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