Daily Prompt: On The Edge

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel – blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

What keeps me on the edge? Anything involving creativity can motivate me into being creative.

Music flexes that muscle most of the time. There are BBC Sherlock fan fics I’ve written, influenced by the likes of Jonsí and The National, two great examples. Movies can give me ideas for stories; when I saw Sucker Punch on the big screen, the story influenced me to write one of the major characters of one of my original fiction NaNo novels. I’ve covered her up a bit more, but she’s an awesome character, nevertheless.

Episodic shows on television or the internet influence me to create characters and head-canons to add to the storyline, to mix it up a little when I’m not feeling what’s going on. Yeah, it’s not my work, but it’s nice to escape the canon. I’m kicking myself for not thinking to write that stuff down as fan fiction, because I would read that stuff.

I love being funny, and I love when other people make me laugh. It’s the best medicine, and it lifts spirits. I have a lot of respect for stand-up comedians, whether I like them or not, for being brave enough to get up on stage and spill their beans, all in an attempt to make the audience laugh. That has to be a lot of pressure for a person when you’re performing in front of a crowd that paid money and got dressed up to see you, with the expectation you’ll pull them out of their own worlds for 30-45 minutes or so. The fear of being expected to move people in that way terrifies me, so I choose not to do stand-up; I’ll leave it to the professionals and the brave.

Blogging helps in a big way, because it’s easy for me to talk to myself aloud whenever a random thought comes to mind. I have no one close to me to talk of mutual interests, like stuff I re-blogged on Tumblr or scoffing at fandom wank; those people are online, and blogging is how I communicate with them.

I also feel blogging allows me to be honest. There are things I cannot tell my family or the closest of friends, yet I have no problem talking about them to complete strangers. Because many of those people following my blog may relate to what I’m feeling, can relate to that honesty. For a while, I’ve been learning how to be honest with myself and others, that there’s no reason why I should hide my feelings on certain things.

To sum things up, creativity plucks at my heartstrings and plays the tune of honesty, and that’s what keeps me balanced.


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