Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

To consider myself a successful blogger would be to blog every single day, and I mean create original posts that relate to not only my life but the world around me. I’m not a successful blogger in those terms, because I don’t make original posts every day, and I don’t talk about everything going on. I’m far too lazy to do that much research. However, I do have a habit of posting random thoughts that come to mind. Revelations, I call them…

I do feel I’m successful when it comes down to writing at all, because it usually takes a lot for me to stop being a lazy bum and writing anything. I strive to become a successful writer. With writing, there’s more work involved. I’m starting to, once again, appreciate the process. Blogging helps get one’s work out to an audience, as well as other things not involving the internet.

Anyone can be a successful blogger, when you think about it. All one needs to do is:

  • create a blog
  • post things that relate to their lives
  • talk about anything that’s on their minds
  • give their opinions on current events
  • post things considered “interesting”

With blogging, one can just type something up in a post or upload photos/video, publish it onto their blog, and watch the views and comments accumulate. Everyone’s got opinions, and blogging (as well as ‘vlogging’, video blogging) provides an outlet. There’s always an audience, whether or not they agree with you. Or just wanna see your pet do backflips.

Is there even such a thing as a “successful blogger”? When I hear the word “successful”, I think of accomplishment, of getting something done or making changes and being satisfied with the results. There are even blogs who put out important information to their followers, which is an upside to being a ‘popular’ blogger. But what else is there to accomplish with blogging, other than getting the attention of readers the world over? Is it that many of us are so attention-starved, we’ll post anything about our blogs, using our blogs as a scrapbook or a media-riddled/textual form of reality show, capturing the drama of our lives?

I won’t lie: the reason I even started blogging was to become popular, famous. For someone to notice. Now, with the over-saturation of blogs and opinions and ideas, it’s more difficult to stand out, no matter how unique your “interesting” is. The last thing I or anyone needs to strive for is being a “successful blogger”.

One can be successful by focusing on living their own lives to the fullest while doing things that satisfy us, not worrying of who else is interested. If one wants to document their life, they can create a blog to do so, but make sure you’re having fun with it, and not concerned with gaining followers, getting views and comments, or keeping the audience you already have.

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