Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

In a way, I do consider myself funny.

We all have our individual sense of humor; I have the kind that, while goofy and witty and immature, is kept reserved for those closest to me. It’s great to laugh, and make people laugh, for it’s the best medicine. But I’m aware that my humor isn’t always the same as someone else’s humor.

I’ve considered doing stand-up comedy, but it’s frightening to stand in front of people with your own material, not knowing whether anyone in the audience is going to laugh or throw drinks at me. I’d much rather write out my humor or act out humor written down in a script or monologue.

I know many funny people, my mother included. But the funniest person I know, as of recently, is no longer with us. She was a feisty, humorous spirit with a vocabulary that would make a sailor proud. Despite the drama within her immediate family, she managed to keep her wits about her, and will be sorely missed.

I may never take on stand-up, but I give credit to those who do. I’ll save my humor for friends, family, and myself.

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