Must-See Indie: ‘A Teacher’ Is Worth a Thousand Op-eds on Teacher-Student Sex


We seem to be having a moment of cultural confusion about teacher-on-student sex. Many — I would even venture most — of us are pretty sure that grown-ass people should not be having sex with teenagers. Sadly, the dissenters are all judges and newspaper columnists. The Washington Post, just as an example, published an op-ed over the weekend in which someone opined that she didn’t think it was such a big deal for teachers to sleep with students. In a particularly unfortunate choice, she chose to venture that opinion in the context of last week’s horrifying case of a man sentenced to just 30 days (though it looks like that will be extended) in the rape of his 14-year-old student, who later committed suicide. To support her view that the controversy was overblown, she made appeals to authority like, “I’ve been a 14-year-old girl, and so…

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