The Transmale Privilege

Thought Catalog

As soon as I pick up the phone and hear her, I know something has happened. Immediately, I ask “What’s going on?” She attempts to ignore my concern, but she’s a terrible liar and her voice is wavering, coated with emotion. Even through time zones, an ocean, and a handful of states, I can almost feel the fear myself. Again, I ask her what happened.

Through her tears and hesitancy to relive the night, I piece it together. Like most terribly awkward events, it starts with an ex-boyfriend…and an angry one at that. Throw in a crowded venue, probably a little bit too much alcohol on his part, and you have a screaming match where her worst fears came true. She takes a deep breath. “He told everyone. People that didn’t know at all now know. People left because of me. I have never felt so ashamed.”

I try to…

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