What the Fake Twerk Fail Teaches Us About the Internet Hype Cycle

Possibly one of the best things EVER.


The phrase “too good to be true” typically doesn’t apply to 20-something white girls setting themselves on fire, but Caitlin Heller is no ordinary 20-something. The very same week America’s distraction du jour happened to be raising its collective eyebrows at Miley Cyrus and her questionable ability/right to twerk, Heller happened to make “a sexy twerk video” for her boyfriend — and happened to do so in front of a table full of lit candles, onto which her roommate happened to push her. So disappointing as the revelation that “Caitlin Heller” doesn’t actually exist may be, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone with an ounce of cynicism (which is to say, most of the people who gleefully shared a video of someone incurring what looked like pretty serious injuries).

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