The Real Reason More Blacks Don’t Adopt, And The Reason’s Not Slavery

Thought Catalog

The other day as I sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, I picked up a free copy of the local newspaper. The newspaper is titled The Voice as it publishes the opinions of its writers and whatever they feel is journalism-worthy. The title of an article at the bottom of the front page is what catches my eye; it’s titled “Why Don’t More Blacks Adopt?”

I read the first few paragraphs and as I kept reading, I started to cringe. Suddenly I wished the doctor would hurry up and call my name so I could put down this terrible piece of crap of an opinion. I wasn’t sure whether to be angry that someone actually thought this was the real reason why more blacks weren’t adopting and the newspaper published it or to laugh at the fact that this person thought it was the true reason.


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