A Rather Eventful Hump Day

Don’t get worked up on the title; there was no actual humping involved.

Though I wouldn’t mind a nice, gentle hump every now and then…

Oh, god… don’t mind the sexually frustrated part of my brain hooked on Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston.

What about RICKMAN?!

I haven’t forgotten about him, but my feelings about him have, I don’t know… receded a bit?


No, I still like him. I still think he’s awesome. But he’s starting to look more like he should be my father than a lover.



Okay, back to my day.


RUDE! As I was saying, today was rather eventful. DId some shopping, and I managed to obtain, maybe, 90% of my cosplay for NYCC. I’m cosplaying Pam Poovey from the show Archer, and that should be fun.

I’ve also learned if you want clothes for cheap, whether you’re gonna wear them as part of a cute outfit or just lounge around the house, Family Dollar is the place to go. You can get a whole wardrobe for under $20-$30.

Also managed to get some sneakers from Payless, and they only cost me $8. BOGO (Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off) really pays off!

I’m also in the mood to write, so I’ll be off doing that soon. And shout-out to starchaserxoxo for getting into writing. It’s pretty good, and I encourage her to keep it going!



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