Bad Writing Advice

I’m so glad this was Freshly Pressed! I’ve fallen prey to these bits of writing advice, and have felt guilty for not writing everyday, feeling obligated to blog as much as possible as a sort of compensation to my followers and myself. There are things I don’t know much about, but I now realize I don’t necessarily need to in order to write about them (that’s what research is for); I don’t have to write all the time, because it’s not that serious, and I shouldn’t force it out of me; I’m what some people would call a ‘panser’, who simply writes without planning. There’s nothing wrong with planning, but like you, I hate outlines. I feel I can figure out, in my head, the blueprint of the story and, when pen and paper or computer are available, I write/type them up. Thank you to the blogger, Julianne Q. Johnson, for this insightful blog post!

Julianne Q Johnson

Like all professions, and especially in the arts, when you participate there is always a plethora of people and even masters of creation who have loads of advice to give the uninitiated.

Veritable loads of advice.  Some of it useful, some of it heard so often it sounds like a rule, some of it completely wrong.

There is no shortage of advice for writers.  There are well known truisms that, on closer inspection, are all wrong, or all wrong for you.  I’m here to tell you that’s ok.  You don’t have to follow specific bits of wisdom in order to be a good writer.  In fact, there’s some I recommend you ignore from time to time, or even completely.

1-   Write Everyday!  If you want to be a “real” writer, you must write every day!  How can you hone your craft if you don’t flex those writing muscles in a…

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