27 Awesome Things I Learned By 27

Thought Catalog

1. Forget imagining what the future holds

Even immediate future. Things will never happen exactly as you expected them to. Sometimes they’re better; sometimes they’re worse. And sometimes they’re just different. Don’t worry about it. Things always have a funny way of working themselves out.

2. The older you get, the more you’ll find people who are perfectly content with mediocrity

And the older you get, the easier it becomes to potentially slip into that safe, unchallenging life, because mediocrity is predictable and predictability means no risks. It’s easy to say “no regrets!” when you’re 16, but it takes work and risk and a touch of fear to make your life something worth telling your grandchildren about.

3. Don’t for a second think you’ll never be scared to follow your dreams

Because there’ll come a time when you have to sacrifice more than you planned on, as well as a…

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