Am I Ugly? Just Tell Me The Honest Truth, Please

It’s sad something like this is even a trend. It needs to end, and our young women (and men) need to be taught to have more brawn than beauty. There are more important things in life than looks.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes, I’m glad to be kind of old and ignorant of certain parts of the internet. But then I get disillusioned. So, I didn’t know this was a thing but it’s apparently a thing for young girls to make Youtube videos wherein they ask Youtube (aka a devildragon with a mouth full of teeth) whether or not they’re pretty…or fat…or *shudder* hot.

I did the requisite Youtube search (3,600,000 results) and took a look at the comments. Some are nice, some are clearly older people who’ve just stumbled on the video and are trying to be encouraging (and discouraging the girls in the video from seeking affirmation in this way) but overwhelmingly the comments on most of the videos I saw are negative and brutally so. Here’s some examples.

  • Ugly as fuck!
  • Woow u have a fivehead :D…..nd yea u are
  • Ugly little bitch
  • Let me see the rest of…

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